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Positron Capital is an investor and fund manager regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. We manage capital on behalf of institutional and family office investors and focus solely on 'real alpha' investment strategies in the Private Market space.

About us

Positron Capital is a partner-owned, independent firm with decades long experience from investing in global Private Market strategies.

Positron Capital builds on a long history and comprises a senior team with extensive experience within Private Market investments and portfolio management in alternative investment strategies from London, Zurich and Oslo. We are dynamic and focus on long-term investments primarily with underlying teams and managers that deliver 'real alpha'. Our network is built up over many years in the industry and we have a strong track record. This provides us access to investment opportunities that are very hard to access, not marketed widely and/or are not marketed at all.

"...with several decades of investment experience from direct investments to manager selection and fund investments..."


"...managed Private Markets investments/portfolios in excess of EUR 1 billion..."


Positron Capital currently manage a number of specialist funds and portfolios within Private Market strategies on behalf of institutional investors, family offices and private investors. The team has over a period of more than 20 years built up and managed capital, funds and portfolios in excess of EUR 1 billion in various Private Market investment strategies with excellent long-term net returns for its investors.



Our single goal is to generate long-term attractive returns in the Private Market space. Our approach and investment strategy is differentiated and focused.

Our focus is solely on investing in Private Markets within alternative investment strategies such as Private Equity, Infrastructure, Private Debt and non-correlated strategies. Common denominator for all strategies is the focus on 'real alpha' where we aim to identify teams and investment opportunties we believe can generate superior and long-term attractive return, regardless of market cycle.

Our core principles are

Long-term investments

Because it takes time to generate superior and 'real alpha' returns through active ownership.

Multiple asset classes

Because we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy and every cycle will present different opportunities.

Adaptation to change

Because the world is changing fast and future returns are created by the ability to adapt to changes.

Alignment of interest

Because we believe in a win-win situation and long-term partnership with investors will be beneficial for all parties.

Sustainable and responsible capital

Because we believe that capital appreciation and doing the right thing is not mutually exclusive.

Fees matter

Because inflated fees impair the risk/return profile of great investments, we offer our services at very reasonable fees.

Investment strategies, focus and interest

We have many years of relevant experience from sourcing, identifying, performing due diligence, negotiation, investment execution and as active owners within Private Market strategies. Our focus is to find best-in-class opportunities within the scope of each investment strategy. We leverage our network and relationships built up over decades in the industry to source and identify such opportunities. We have investment experience from, and are generally interested in, the following Private Market asset classes:












We have over 15 years of experience with Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) implementation in the alternative investment space.

Our general view is not to compromise on capital appreciation and long-term returns. We do have defined restrictions on certain investment exposures, and we believe we can generate superior long term returns by also focusing on responsible investing. We are member of Norsif (Norwegian forum for responsible and sustainable investments) and consider the principles as defined by the UN PRI.

Declaration according to the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation ("SFDR") ("Offentlighetsforordningen") Article 3, 4 og 5 can be found here (Norwegian only).


Norwegian forum for responsible and sustainable investments



We offer dynamic, flexible solutions for accessing Private Markets strategies. Our track record and expertise ranges from structuring tailored investment solutions to discretionary accounts and commingled funds. 

Speed of execution, tailored approach and alignment of interest are key components.

Please contact us for further information. Existing investors click on the icon below to enter the log-in page for status, information, reports etc.



The senior team of Positron Capital has several decades of relevant experience in the financial services and investment management industry.

The senior team members at Positron Capital have worked in the industry for a long time. Together the partners have extensive experience with Private Market investments, including direct investments, portfolio construction with selection of funds/teams and managers, as well as managing commingled funds and portfolios on behalf of life insurance companies, pension funds, banks, foundations, family offices and private individuals. The partners work with the entire value chain from active investments directly in unlisted companies with Board seats to passive investments in carefully selected Private Markets funds.


Christian Bryn

Partner - Managing Partner

+47 959 90 533


André Bjørntvedt

Partner - Investments

+47 941 71 216


Øyvind B. Haddeland

Partner - Investments

+47 928 22 099


Kjersti H. Sanstøl


+47 995 42 544


Dagfinn Paust


+47 915 56 986



We are always on the lookout for interesting investment opportunities and partnerships. Please contact one of the senior team members or use the contact form.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services. We are opportunistic and open minded and always interested in hearing more about interesting investment strategies. In particular, we are interested in people, partnerships and potential investment opportunities. We of course treat all enquires with full discretion.

Contact form:

Our visiting address:

Positron Capital AS

Ruseløkkveien 6
0251 Oslo

8th floor

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